“I have been to a few waxers but they don't even come anywhere close to the lovely service that I got from Ruth. She makes you feel so at ease, she is like your friend, easy going and cool. I have never yet met a waxer that is happy to take absolutely everything off - even the ones that are happy to do Brazilian's still leave a bit on in the absolute nitty gritty places - not Ruth, she is good at what she does and is not afraid to give you what you want.” R from York

“Though not considering myself to be overtly hairy, my wife persuaded me to visit MaximumWax with a view to paying particular attention to my backside. "Not necessary" I thought but once treatment commenced, I was surprised at the amount of 'stragglers' she actually found and swiftly removed and all with little discomfort whatsoever. The result is far superior to even the best of shaves, lasts longer and is much easier and most importantly, 'nick' free. Professional, discreet and very quick to put one at ease, even when finding one's self in the most uncompromising of positions, this lady's skills will leave you feeling good all over.” J from York

“I've shaved smooth for several years for sport and found the usual problems of rapid re-growth requiring shaving several times a week. Backs of the thighs being particularly difficult. So I decided to give waxing a try and I'm delighted with the results obtained by Ruth at MaximumWax. After nearly two weeks I'm still smooth and also confident that there are no missed patches, unlike my shaving.” E from West Yorkshire

"I was hesitant to try waxing again after bad experiences before. Ruth is very understanding and able to put you at ease. The waxing itself was expertly done and very quick flicks of the wrist meant that there was very little discomfort, even on quite intimate and sensitive areas. She is professional and communicative. I would recommend her with no hesitation."  A from Leeds

"I was a bit nervous about having 'having it all off' but Ruth made me feel totally comfortable, was very friendly and professional. The waxing was virtually painless and the results are so much better than shaving... smooth and not a single hair missed, no stubbly regrowth and itchiness! If you're looking for a waxer you won't get better than Ruth." S from Leeds

"I've been waxed before but never so quickly and expertly. Ruth really is very good and makes you so at ease." GM, Haworth

"I'd never been waxed before and I couldn't imagine ever going to a "normal" salon to have it done. I'd become self-concious of my bum becoming a little hairy and I looked for someone online who specialised in doing intimate waxing of males and females. Ruth was the best find ever! She made me feel relaxed and I never felt self-concious or embarrassed. She did my bum first so painlessly and quickly that I felt emboldened to ask for more - parts of which did hurt a bit more but were not as bad as I had been lead to believe by my wife. After I got home my wife was so impressed she came with me the next time. Now it is something we do together as a couple. I can't recommend Ruth enough." S from Manchester

"I visited the lovely Ruth for my second waxing this week. This time I had my chest and underarms done. As with my previous waxing, Ruth did a wonderful job, with me experiencing minimal discomfort.  
The waxing was followed by a relaxing Swedish massage which finished the day off very nicely leaving me feeling refreshed and invigorated." S from Leeds



"I had an excellent 90 minute massage from Ruth. She is a well-travelled, intelligent lady who I hope to revisit when I'm in Leeds" R from North Yorkshire

"Absolutely the best massage I've ever had." C from Cheshire

"Ruth offers none of the pretence of the over-hyped spas, just a wonderfully relaxing and sensually delightful experience combining her skilled hands, empathy and friendly, welcoming personality in an very private, personal and relaxed time-out from the hassles of life, that leaves you feeling great.  Highly recommended." K from Barnsley

"I'm a fire performer in my spare time and frequently need putting back together after events. After badly straining my calf I thought I'd be laid up for weeks but thanks to Ruth I was well on the way to healing after just a few days and helped balance me out both physically and mentally. If you are a looking for a professional massage in a comfortable environment, either for relaxation or therapy, then I cannot recommend Ruth more highly." D from Leeds

"Middle aged man of Leeds here, needed a top to toe pampering after a stressful time at work, Spent a blissful hour with Ruth, all stresses and strains and aches and pains melted away, Ruth leaves no stone unturned as she works her way around all of those important areas that cry out for attention. Ruth is a very enthusiastic therapist who clearly loves her line of work, and you cant help yourself but to just hand it to her, she will do the rest."  F from Leeds

"Suffering from a stiff neck, no doubt caused by weeks of stress and tension, I resolved to make an appointment with Ruth for some massage therapy and a general 'pick me up'.  This not being my first visit, I knew to expect a warm welcome, a friendly smile and plenty of easy conversation, the kind which immediately puts one at ease.  With her utmost discretion, Ruth's manner and professional approach always keeps one's modesty intact.  Her touch is second to none  and she is well adept at getting heat into the muscles, warming and loosening them up prior to starting the hard work of getting all the knots out, of which she is a very capable practitoner.  In the same way as she builds up the treatment, 'coming down' is a pleasure also, so do remember to ask about the Indian Head massage, it's fabulous.  Rumour has it a hot stone massage will shortly be available, so I'll definitely be on the lookout for that and booking the moment it is". R from York

Maximum Relax

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