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We have moved to Newquay!

Ruth is now working in collaboration with with Yoshimi in Newquay, Cornwall You can now find us at: Yoshimi Wesley Yard Newquay Cornwall TR7 1LB ...
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Switching To A Healthy Organic Diet? Don’t Forget Your Skin!

We all remember when organic suddenly became a thing. Those who have already made the switch will testify to the many health benefits of eliminating the pesticides, harmful chemicals and ...
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The Manscape Landscape Is Changing – MaximumRelax Explains Why

You may have noticed a creeping trend among your peers (or if female, your male counterparts) regarding the way men have started to take better care of themselves and their ...
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MaximumRelax – Manscaping Myths Debunked

There may be a number reasons why you haven’t caught up with the fast-growing global trend of the mighty manscape. If you are one of the guys who hasn’t yet awoken ...
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Hot Stone Massage – The Perfect Winter Therapy

Now the days are drawing in and it’s getting colder and darker, the need to huddle up, keep warm and hibernate becomes strong. Winter is the perfect time for a ...
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The Many Benefits of Massage

Did you know that there are numerous benefits to receiving regular massage. It’s not just an indulgence… it’s pretty much a necessity if you want to keep your mind, body ...
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Grooming for sportsmen

Even Rugby players are grooming themselves these days ...
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